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Multi-node scenes with panoramas and object movies connected by clickable hotspots offer the ultimate inside-the-appliance experience:

Refrigerator (High Res) multi-node scene 8.5 MB  
Refrigerator (Low Res) multi-node scene 4.3 MB  

Below are the QuickTime VR panoramas and object movies (low-res versions) organized by location. (Note: Navigation elements will not work for the panoramas and object movies accessed individually from the site map.):

Outside object 117K  
Freezer panorama 105K  
Burritos object 98K burritos fill in grid
Ice Cream object 557K carton tips over and melts
Ice Cubes object 195K cubes fall out, one by one
Vodka object 108K close-up of label
Upper Shelf panorama 111K  
Milk object 415K carton opens
Peanut Butter object 152K jar zooms in and out
Salsa object 141K jar spins off-center
Tangerine Juice object 141K juice rises and falls
Middle Shelf panorama 109K  
Eggs object 610K carton opens
Sour Cream object 141K container spins
Yogurt object 326K rotation speed varies
Lower Shelf panorama 110K  
Beer object 178K carton spins, bottles spin
Bread object 141K half of the slices spin
Soda object 141K cans "dance"
Left Crisper panorama 109K  
Lettuce object 175K leaves peel off
Right Crisper panorama 128K  
Apple object 245K apple turns into orange
Orange object 245K orange turns into apple

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